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-- carcinoGeneticist [CG] started trolling caligulasAquarium [CA] --

you aint dead right
wwell that wwas twwo hours ago
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- caligulasAquarium [CA] started trolling cuttlefishCuller [CC] -

fef i fucked up
i realize noww that im just a bad moirail in general
it wwasnt just us i just suck
t)(at's some of the worst bilgewater I've ever )(eard spew from your gills!
i mean you could R-E-ELY use some work!
no fuckin shit
but you're not )(orrible either!
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-- caligulasAquarium [CA] began trolling carcinoGeneticist [CG]

kar ivve been thinkin


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- cuttlefishCuller [CC] started trolling caligulasAquarium [CA] -

CC: HEY!! Erifins!!!! 38D!!!!

CA: oh

CA: hi fef

CA: you shore messaged me at a wweird time

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TA: iit2 a bunch of word2 kk made up

TA: the 2hiit bi gave tz ii2 2ome kiind of human food called weed

TA: al2o iif youre goiing two 2top beiing my carriier wiingbea2t iim goiing two clo2e thii2 out agaiin and ju2t go back two kk2 wiindow diirectly ehehehe

CA: are you seriously fuckin givven him human food

CA: ivve been tryin all wweek gettin him to eat better and noww youre shittin all ovver my efforts

CA: typical

CA: troll titans taint youre the most fuckin loathsome mound a spit covvered vvowwels ivve evver had the displeasure to fuckin knoww
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This is wwhat my lifes been reduced to. Wwaitin on imp respawwns on lopah to improvve my fuckin aim because for the life a me i cant figure out howw seein wwith one eye is supposed to wwork. I wwas one glubbin dungeon awway from my denizen, one mothergrub glubbin dungeon,  and just like every good thing that wwas evver supposed to happen to me, it got swwiped awway just before I could land the catch. I wwas doin so wwell, I wwas on top a my game and I didnt evven care about wwhat the others wwere evven sayin about me. Its not like they wwere evven close to wwhere I wwas or had figured out their aspect yet. I had my aspect in the provverbial sack. I wwas only goin up from there.

One second youre wwindin dowwn wwith your moirail after a good rage induced revvenge cycle and the next youre racin around town in a blind panic before bleedin out on a stone cold marble floor.  

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-- caligulasAquarium [CA] started trolling twinArmageddons [TA] --

CA: sol

TA: what.

TA: iim bu2y trolliing the2e doucheheel2.

CA: thats fine and all but they mentioned godtiers and quest beds and i thought id let you knoww that kar and i wwere talkin about that last night

TA: fiine. doe2 our adorabloodthiir2ty leader have 2ome 2ort of iin2tructiion2 for u2? ii thought we were progre22iing uup the ladder ju2t fiine.

CA: thats not the problem

CA: the problem is howw wwere gonna handle gettin each of us to god tier

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-- caligulasAquarium [CA] started trolling carcinoGeneticist [CG] --

CA: kar i just realized

CA: there are no more content creators anymore

CA: its just us here noww

CA: if wwe wwant to wwatch new material wwere gonna have to make it ourselvves


CA: no im just procrastinatin on some a the harder dungeons i havve left to beat

CA: i wwasted a bunch a grist on some stupid shit that ended up not wworkin


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i havvent had a chance to update this log since sol 'died' and alternia fell to the meteors. its confirmed though, my future is utterly shot, or at least the one i had planned for myself only a perigree ago. theres no more officer trainin, no more fleet, no more alternia to defend and fight for. furthermore, there are no more drones to wworry about. so the need to fill my quadrants as soon as glubbin possible isnt there anymore. i only realized this after a recent discussion wwith kar. its amusin how fuckin concerned i wwas about it and noww its obsolete. ivve been able to actually havve fun again, for once.

it seems like eons since i wwas able to go on a killin spree wwithout the naggin vvoice in the back a my head goin 'times a wwastin ampora those quadrants arent goin to fill themselves. you wwant to provve to all your friends that you really wwill be alone forevver be my guest. continue flarppin and forget that you only havve so much time before the drones are knockin at your door'

its relievvin. i wwas actually able to talk to sol yesterday and i didnt feel like i had to go somewwhere wwith it. i mean i still hate his evverlovvin guts, but evver since he beat me at that duel things havve been different. i mean it wwas a large nutrient capsule to swwalloww knowwin that i lost to a fuckin lowwblood, but noww that thats ovver its cool i guess. i lost and it fuckin sucks but its not like thats the end all or anyfin. i underestimated his psiioniics and im gonna need more than my gun to beat him next time. if there evven wwill be a next time. wwe havve all the time in the wworld and im enjoyin levvelin up with kar and trollin the fuck out a these aliens and not wworrin about my imminent doom at the hands a the cullin drones.

he could a killed me at the end a that dual. i knoww wwhy he didnt i mean wwe need as many players in this game as possible, but back on alternia i coulda been fried and battered. its a wweird feelin knowwin i wwas at the mercy of a fuckin lowwlife mustard blood but i think that put things into perspectivve. i built this potential rivvalry all up to be somefin and its not like that at all.

this is good newws for kar at least, he wwas at his wwits end wwith me. and hes got enough to handle wwith all these panstarvved aliens glubbin up our trollian accounts.

ugh noww im thinkin about those vvideos again and i wwent through nearly half my faygo supply yesterday to get through it all. guess i havve to hit up gam for more.

ive got to talk to that princess more and see if hes legit or not. especially if fefs gonna havve any contact wwith him. i guess i should do that noww.
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--caligulasAquarium [CA] began trolling twinArmageddons [TA]--

CA: sol i need to havve a wword wwith you about these aliens and our session

CA: i assume youvve been updated on the situation

TA: iive actually been optiimiziing my tiime wiith marathon makeout 2e22iion2 ehehehe.

CA: i didnt need to hear that

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--caligulasAquarium [CA] began trolling carcinoGeneticist [CG]--

CA: kar


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--caligulasAquarium [CA] began trolling loves2Spooge [L2S]--

CA: wwhats spooge

L2S: It's spooge

L2S: You know

L2S: Butters brand creamy filling

L2S: For athletes

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 its fuckin amazin how quickly things change. one second im pressin my uniform and goin ovver my checklist for wwhat i need to bring to officer trainin and noww im perched on some steeple keepin an eye out for the next round a wwinged vvermin aimin to end my miserable existence here on this seeminly empty planet.
typical a my luck. kars a glubbin mess now that sols gone and im wworse for wwear from that revvelation as well. on the bright side my red plans havve become more vviable wwith him outta the way, but itll probably take her a wwhile to get ovver him anywway so its not like i can enact on them any time soon. itll still be a matter a patience and hardship. so i guess nothins changed there. there is no bright side.
evven tho kar made a good point, i dont knoww if the drones can reach us noww or if theyre evven still around noww that the meteors hit. i shouldnt bank on that though, but noww im at a loss. i wwonder if vvris wwill think differently of me after i cull evvery last one a these screechin pests. 
from a distance they looked like angels but up close they really are vvile souless creatures. ovverpowwered though thats for shore.
i really should find out how to jump from planet to planet. kar shouldnt be alone wwith all thats on his mind right now. i dont knoww wwhy he thinks its his fault. probably because he took on the role of leader and all.  but its not his fault sol wwasnt prepared.
fuckin cowward. figures hed send me awway to make sure evveryone got in wwhile he didnt havve a way out himmself. i just assumed he already had an in since he wwas so hellbent on startin. 
i dont evven havve a corpse to kick or laugh at. its fuckin laughably sad thats what this is. im fuckin laughably sad. wwho wwould a thought id feel so forlorn ovver a lowwblood.
i cant get upset. kar cant see me like this he needs me to be strong. i need me to be strong if im going to pick up the pieces and start fresh here. my dreams and aspirations havvent changed, just the atmosphere. 
and my prospect kissmesis
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CA: thats it im not wwaitin around for you to tell me wwhen and wwhere you wwant to do this so lets just make a decision to get on wwith it
CA: evveryfin is in place noww so theres no point in stallin
TA: what the fuck are you talkiing about.
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CA: okay kar turn on your vvideocam because i got all the outfits lined up
CG: ....WOW.
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CA: wwhat noww
CA: wwhat in the blazin blue suns are you blabberin about
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CA: eq im havvin a dilemna here
CT: D --> I will not build you a robot to have as a matesprit or kismesis
CT: D --> Most trolls, as well as yourself, are not STRONG enough to handle a relationship with creations as STRONG as I build
CT: D --> Unless that is not the dilemma you are talking about
CA: not at all
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TA: Bug CA

Dec. 10th, 2013 10:56 pm
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TA: wow ii hear you have a "sexy date" ehehehehe

TA: iis iit wiith your left clawpod?

CA: you fuckin wwish

CA: keep dreamin about it though i knoww howw jealous you are that its not you

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CT: Grovel

Dec. 10th, 2013 10:55 pm
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CT: D --> Your highneighs
CT: D --> I hate to bother you but you perhaps have some information relevent to the fleet recruits
CA: wwhat are you evven thinkin about glubbin me up wwithout a formal apology dont think i havvent heard about you lurkin around my hivve tryin to catch a peek at the royal jewwels
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CA: hey sol
CA: so i heard through the grapevvine that your rustblood moirail stumbled across a neww game
CA: i havve a feelin its gonna be magnifishcent
TA: je2us chrii2t
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