Jan. 5th, 2014

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--caligulasAquarium [CA] began trolling centuarsTesticle [CT]--

CA: eq youre not on right noww but sol has gathered extremely imporant evvidence regardin the physical limitations of capabilities of the human wwho have entered our session

CA: sol confirmed that they are in fact in the same inceptosphere as us

CA: so please wwatch this vvideo and take good notes


CT: D--> What is this

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--caligulasAquarium [CA] began trolling carcinoGeneticist [CG]--

CA: hey kar


CA: ivve got that vvideo screenshot a the humans you wwanted


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i havvent had a chance to update this log since sol 'died' and alternia fell to the meteors. its confirmed though, my future is utterly shot, or at least the one i had planned for myself only a perigree ago. theres no more officer trainin, no more fleet, no more alternia to defend and fight for. furthermore, there are no more drones to wworry about. so the need to fill my quadrants as soon as glubbin possible isnt there anymore. i only realized this after a recent discussion wwith kar. its amusin how fuckin concerned i wwas about it and noww its obsolete. ivve been able to actually havve fun again, for once.

it seems like eons since i wwas able to go on a killin spree wwithout the naggin vvoice in the back a my head goin 'times a wwastin ampora those quadrants arent goin to fill themselves. you wwant to provve to all your friends that you really wwill be alone forevver be my guest. continue flarppin and forget that you only havve so much time before the drones are knockin at your door'

its relievvin. i wwas actually able to talk to sol yesterday and i didnt feel like i had to go somewwhere wwith it. i mean i still hate his evverlovvin guts, but evver since he beat me at that duel things havve been different. i mean it wwas a large nutrient capsule to swwalloww knowwin that i lost to a fuckin lowwblood, but noww that thats ovver its cool i guess. i lost and it fuckin sucks but its not like thats the end all or anyfin. i underestimated his psiioniics and im gonna need more than my gun to beat him next time. if there evven wwill be a next time. wwe havve all the time in the wworld and im enjoyin levvelin up with kar and trollin the fuck out a these aliens and not wworrin about my imminent doom at the hands a the cullin drones.

he could a killed me at the end a that dual. i knoww wwhy he didnt i mean wwe need as many players in this game as possible, but back on alternia i coulda been fried and battered. its a wweird feelin knowwin i wwas at the mercy of a fuckin lowwlife mustard blood but i think that put things into perspectivve. i built this potential rivvalry all up to be somefin and its not like that at all.

this is good newws for kar at least, he wwas at his wwits end wwith me. and hes got enough to handle wwith all these panstarvved aliens glubbin up our trollian accounts.

ugh noww im thinkin about those vvideos again and i wwent through nearly half my faygo supply yesterday to get through it all. guess i havve to hit up gam for more.

ive got to talk to that princess more and see if hes legit or not. especially if fefs gonna havve any contact wwith him. i guess i should do that noww.


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