Mar. 11th, 2014

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so sol tells me yesterday that he wwent pale wwith kar some years back, and wwhile it wwasnt shockin, the more i dwwell on it the more im gettin steamed ovver it. he accused me a bein jealous wwhich is laughable since there's nothin to envvy there. it predictably failed miserably so case fuckin closed on that. no, im mad because kar nevver bothered to tell me and noww i knoww wwhy sol flipped his shit and took out my eye.

im also startin to suspect wwhy kar wwouldnt commit in the beginnin or take my ring. i had thought it wwas about his blood color or wwhatevver but noww i think it has to do wwith some lingerin pale feelins here. it wwould explain the online shit that happened a wwhile back and wwhy he immediately wwent to kar for his horn. i dont believve he wwent to ter first, i think hes still pale for him. and wwhile i dont think kar reciprocates anymore, i think he still feels obilgated since rads not around to do it and ter apparently didnt movve in.

the wworst part about this all is that one a the humans already picked up on their wweird chemistry, and noww sols goin to kick his gargantuan glutes ovver his accusation. at least sol told me first before he did it, and i wwas flattered at first first because i thought he wwas defendin my honor. noww i wwised up - its because he doesn't wwant anyone proddin around his pale crush on my moirail. i mean apparently the OD human thinks theyre black, but wwith howw little he knowws about troll romance, he probably just got the quadrants mixed up.

black or pale, i'm pissed. i wwas on the vverge a reamin him out last night, but i didnt wwant him goin ovver to the humans pumped wwith unpredictable nerd rage. i dont wwant kar blamin me for another accident. im mad at kar too, this is the like the second or third fuckin thing hes kept from me. i tell him evveryfin, wwhy does he think im so untrustwworthy.

wwhy did sol knoww he wwas a lowwblood before I did. abovve all else this bit is wreakin havvoc in my thinkpan. it makes me think he knowws more than just the fact that hes a lowwblood, i think he knowws the color too. onjectivvely i guess i dont care, its more that he knowws and i dont. i wwent so far as to ask him up front if theres somethin kars hidin from me, and sol said no.

but wwe both knoww he is.

if this is just some kind a twwisted pitch game sol tryin to wwork on me its pretty fuckin effectivve, but hes goin too far. i wwish i didnt let him off so easy last night. noww i havve to come up wwith a wway to one up him. im not about to mess wwith his quadrants, thats just so fuckin loww. evven after wwe promised not to invvolve kar too. typical for a classless mustardblood like him, but i havve my dignity to maintain.

maybe ill invvite him ovver to dinner on top a one a the spires on lowwa. lets see howw he handles a flock of angels before i havve to inevvitably savve his scrawwny hide.

that probably means i havve to alchemize more a that lowwblood chum. detestable.
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Eridan, for the life of him, could not get over the concept of communal hivestems. Not only were they the most hideous dwellings he had ever seen on both Alternia and here in Sgrub, but from what he could tell, the amount of living space available wasn't enough to house a squeakbeast. Even with the added rooms, there was nothing anyone could possibly do to improve upon such a disgrace to architecture. The great thing about them, however, was that they were easy to blast a hole through.

Unfortunately, his intitial entry plan was foiled upon the discovery that the hole he blasted over the internet had already been patched up. Eridan wanted his entrance to be subtle; catching Sol off guard and then overwhelming him upon initiating the strife. Instead, it was looking like he'd have to blast another hole to get in, signalling his arrival and blowing his cover.

Eying a floating brain to his right, Eridan gnashed his teeth together in frustration and brought out his wand, eying the corner of the lobe and flicking a concentrated stream of white light at the curve.

There was a short white 'pop' on impact, but the brain remained standing - only a small zigzag portion of the cranium falling to the ground as a result of his spell.

Eridan grinned.

Approaching the ugly chuck of green tower, he spotted one of the windows and devised a plan. He would use his hope powers to silently cut a large enough hole out of one of the panes and sneak in that way.

Placing his wand to the glass, Eridan drew a large enough circle over the bottom panel and pressed inwards, allowing the glass circle to shatter onto the floor. Hoping that gave Sol just enough warning, he hopped inside and dashed for cover. Wand in hand, he began waiting impatiently behind one of the walls for his kismesis to come around and inspect the damage.


Sollux had been halfway through recompiling occularviid ver2ion 2.82 when the loud slam from the lower level reached him, vibrating up through the floor and vibrating the delicate cords of the beehouse mainframes with one final, determined 'whumph.'  He jerked backward from his husktop with a start before forcing himself to sink backward with an aggravated growl.  Fucking nubsucking shitstain.  He'd /just/ blown a handful of low-level grist on rebuilding his last foray into artistic construction too.  Not that he wasn't up to his fucking nook in the shit; it was just the principle of the goddamn thing.  Fuck.


The corner of his mouth twitched upward for a moment before he shoved himself out of his chair, feet dragging across the floor as he beelined toward the closest mainframe.  Palms out, he grunted and laid his weight into it, shoving for several moments before he managed to push the thing toward the center of the block.  The next one was trickier to move - a dual slave hookup that simply slowed down the task of getting all of the mainframes safely away from any easily-hopesplodable windows, courtesy of one massive toolbag.  Without psionics it easily took a good quarter of an hour to rearrange, and Sollux shot a quick, pleased look at his husktop clocks before turning on his heel and gliding down the stairs in a flash of red and blue.  He paused on the final threshold for a moment before he casually rolled around the corner, floating closer toward the gaping hole in his hive wall.  With the seadweller nowhere in sight he crossed his arms over his chest, head craned off to one side as he glanced around the empty block.  "The fuck do you want, nookbiter?"

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-- caligulasAquarium [CA] started trolling carcinoGenecticist [CG] --

CA: kar


CA: thought id havve a bit of a check in
CA: beat the dungeon i wwas wworkin on last and noww im scoutin out my denizen
CA: angel killins nevver been easier its loads a fun
CA: thought id take a bit of a break and wwatch some a this human televvision


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CA: Bitch

Mar. 11th, 2014 08:53 pm
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-- caligulasAquarium [CA] started trolling twinArmageddons [TA] --

CA: so you wwent to kar
CA: wwonderful
TA: what2 that, 2orry iit2 hard two hear you over the 2ound of thii2 RAGIING FUCKIING PANACHE CAU2ED BY II DONT KNOW FUCKIING CRANIIAL 2URGERY.
TA: you 2hiit2taiin.
CA: cranial surgery
TA: horn 2urgery.
TA: whatever.
TA: liike ii giive a ragiing 2nake2hiit.
CA: so wwhat did you havve him fuckin do
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-- twinsArmageddon [TA] started trolling caligulasAquarium [CA] --

hey dont fliip your 2hiit but iim goiing two go punch od iin the faceplate
i thought the neww human wwas goin to do that
and wwont kar get mad
he got mad at me
but by all means do it
yeah well he needs two 2hiit or get off the gaper becau2e there ii2 not nearly enough panle22 viiolence goiing on here.
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