Feb. 5th, 2014

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Eridan clicked hard on the 'x' button, closing out of Sol's chat with a sneer. Just like that, Karkat and Sollux were friends again - as if his eye hadn't been blow off and the mustardblood didn't send his moirail into another crying fit. Furthermore, Sollux had the fucking gall to attempt to 'calm' Karkat down - whatever the fuck that meant - after being the one to send him into /another/ worried typing frenzy over some ridiculous Sopor Plant of all things.

And then, the dangling fruit on the fucking grubpaste layered stack, Sollux claimed to be "filtering the air" about his moirallegiance with Karkat after blatantly crossing pale boundaries.

Hastily responding back to Karkat's last message, Eridan slammed his husktop shut and brisked away from his makeshift desk, leaving his moirail in the red tinted respiteblock. Cape swaying behind as he made his way towards the central staircase, he willed away some of the painfully familiar screeching voices in his subconscious before finally reaching the roof.

There was no better place to put his favorite pile, and with wistful sigh, he dove head first into the mounting heap of wands and curled up in a grub position.



Closing the chat window with Terezi, Karkat sighed at the one behind it, standing up and cracking his shoulders before starting up the stairs. Emerging up into the hazy brown night, he paused before spotting a corner of violet peeking out from the wand pile.  He walked over, sneakers padding against the roof of his hive, before coming to a stop next to the pile and reaching to lift up what part of the cape he could see.  "Hey, shitstain, you know you have to be all covered up if you're going to hide in the pile."



Snapping out of his daze, Eridan took one final glance at the last trollian message Sollux had sent and powered off his Monicle with a fleeting smile. “I kneww I should a ditched the cape wwhen I had the chance.”

A shallow brown light could be seen somewhere to his left, so with a hasty wave of his arm, Eridan shoved some of the wands away and shifted his head so that only his horns emerged. “Come on in. Today’s been a fuckin trip, hasn’t it?” 



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