May. 7th, 2014 11:56 am
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 so wwhat noww hes fine wwith seein red for cod knowws howw long but he still wwont take my ring

and this is comin right after wwe had that long ass talk wwhere we mutually embarassed ourselvved for the millionth time

fuck and i wwas so close twwo just callin it off, or rather havve him call it off. i wwanted somefin concrete instead a feelin like i wwas constantly in a room a smoke and mirrors - evven if it was for him twwo tell me that he wwas just actin out a obligation. im desperate at this point - wwhich fuck me... self fullfillin prophesy here.

youd think id be mad at ter, since im shore she knowws at least somefin i dont. i aint tho, if anyfin she and i havve been talkin and wwe both came twwo the conclusion that the stan humans got twwo go. i knoww ivve come to this conclusion sevveral times on my owwn, but its nice to havve some backup for once. maybe ill glub her up about it sometime, but kar wwould be offended. i just knoww it. wwell wwhatever im offended that he still feels like he cant tell me even after all that. we got no closer to resolvvin it. moirails shouldnt havve to resort to this sort a shit but he givves me no choice. i hate feelin inadequate - i shouldnt havve twwo. i knoww i aint terrible. i mean im pretty shore i aint. not anymore.

i mean sol and i havve been okay, i think. he liked his pitch gift plenty, i shore enjoyed it. i evven alchemized a quadrant ring for him recently out a the old eye, though i dont knoww wwhen - or if - im goin to givve it to him - seein my poor history wwith these things.  im glad eq didnt insist for me twwo givve it back, i wwoulda clobbered him and kar wwould  a just lovved that on top of all the other shit wwith him and i. i evven made my owwn ring out a the horn piece i took, man ivve been itchin to showw it off its so fuckin messed up. cod but still, its a sad day in fucked-up faygo miracleland wwhen my kismesistude is in better shape than my moirallegiance. but is it reely in bad shape or is it just me.

it alwways seems like its just me. cod i dont evven havve anyone else twwo glub twwo about this. i havve to resort in wwritin in this thing again.

ps: fuck this human band 'the smiths' theyre so glubbin good it aint fair


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