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-- caligulasAquarium [CA] began trolling carcinoGeneticist [CG]

kar ivve been thinkin


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-- loves2Nubb [L2N] started trolling caligulasAquarium [CA] --

L2N: Hey troll dude

CA: you havve a lotta FUCKIN nervve imin me after the shit you pulled on our leader

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TA: iit2 a bunch of word2 kk made up

TA: the 2hiit bi gave tz ii2 2ome kiind of human food called weed

TA: al2o iif youre goiing two 2top beiing my carriier wiingbea2t iim goiing two clo2e thii2 out agaiin and ju2t go back two kk2 wiindow diirectly ehehehe

CA: are you seriously fuckin givven him human food

CA: ivve been tryin all wweek gettin him to eat better and noww youre shittin all ovver my efforts

CA: typical

CA: troll titans taint youre the most fuckin loathsome mound a spit covvered vvowwels ivve evver had the displeasure to fuckin knoww
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CA: i havve twwo questions for you eq

CT: D--> I will not resume construction on the robot, it has already become a sparring robot and been dismembered

CT: D--> And there is little you could pay me with

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wwhy couldnt he just come out and say it. wwell i guess i have an idea or twwo. probably has to do wwith my history a wwantin to eradicate evvery last one a them and he figured i wwould group him in. wwould i though ivve been askin myself that question evver since he signed off. i dont get it i dont. hes unlike any lowwblood ivve evver heard a i mean he really cant be one a them can he. hes like some fangbeast dressed in wwoolbeast clothes or somefin hes definitely the top a the landwweller scale he cant be a lowwblood.

though he aint like spiderwwench or that swweatin cretin either

my thoughts are hes probably some wwound up greenblood wwith a chip on his shoulder and a penchant for passion. he could a just told me i mean i wwould have ripped on him but i still talk to kan and that cat girls not bad i guess. oh wwho am i squiddin green is insufferable i mean we wwiped out a wwhole caste a them but its better than that wwhat that lousy lispin scoundrels got runnin through his vveins. damn him to shell.

im still beatin myself up ovver howw horrible that wwhole exchange wwent. i wwould havve to be glubbin him up wwhen kar dropped that on me id rather havve unloaded that on - actually no eq wwould havve been wworse. maybe gam at least he wwouldnt havve remembered it the next day. or hour. at any rate i left that convversation confused and disgusted and fuck and i just cant stop thinkin about that infuriatin laugh a his.

the fucker actually thought i wwas wwaxin pale for him howw embarrassin for the both a us. i must havve recovvered at some point though i mean he accepted the duel.

i dont knoww wwhy i feel the wway i do about it i mean ivve had my fair share a duels in the past and this is goin to be a fuckin pushovver but i feel theres still somethin more to this i cant explain. ivve already picked out five different sets a gear and theyre all terrible none a them wwill do. i probably havve to go out and get a wwhole neww wwardobe for this and i dont evven knoww wwhat the problem is. id hit up seahorsedad for advvice but like fuck hed understand and its not like i can tell him 'oh nothin just headin off to go spar wwith a revvoltin mustardblood i might be home late' hed flip his evverlovvin pouch insideout and hed totally take it the wwrong wway. on top a that i cant believe i still havve a curfeww im practically 8 swweeps old already cant he just finally let go.

regardless my options for vventin about this are practically null. evven if kar wwas still talkin to me i dont think id evven ask for his opinion on this and like fuck id go to fef about her owwn wwhatevver he is to her noww

kans livvin like a hermitcrab in the cavves and rarely signs on

and vvris wwould just laugh in my face

its times like this i really wwish i could hit up crabdad he wwouldnt judge me. hes nevver been anyfin but open and wwelcomin to me at least wwhen hes not hungry or screechin like a dyin siren.

i guess this all doesnt really matter anywway since once the game starts wwell all be talkin again and im shore evveryfin wwill go back to normal

maybe evven better than normal

maybe by then ill knoww wwhen i start my trainin

maybe by then my quadrant plan wwill reach neww heights and i wwont feel so unsure a things come my next wrigglin day

maybe by then kar wwill fuckin knoww wwhat he wwants to do wwith himself and stop actin like such a fuckin fool

this calls for some serious retail therapy
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a part a me wwishes that i could havve kept up with one of these sooner, but then the other - more logical - part a me remembers the ovverbearin halfwwit of a fuckgrub i wwas and thanks the evverlovvin cods that there isnt record of such juvvenile rubbish on the wweb. wwho the fuck wwould havve wanted to read that anywway, least of all me. evven this blog is privvate and im twwenty times more adjusted than i wwas just a swweep ago. not that my situation is any better, but it is changin.

i talked to kar about joinin the fleet the other night, and it seems like hes just as hellbent on provvin himself as i am. at least theres one a us wwhos signin up the same time that i wwould. not that eq or any of the other trolls dont matter, but i decided a wwhile ago that i dont wwant to stay attached to anyone wwho has only a good fivve swweeps left a them before theyre convverted into invvasion fodder. plight of the landwwellers and such. oh wwell, kars different. hes not like the other landwwellers wwho wwalloww around in their owwn melodramatic misfortune. kars a leader with more spunk than the lot a them combined. i mean, the guy has some self esteem issues and a temper than can powwer a thousand suns, but its nothing a wwardobe change and a wwell-meanin moirail cant fix.

he can be so fuckin dense i hope it doesnt get him krilled

anywway, talkin to him made me think a wwhat evveryone else is lookin into. ter and gam got accepted into that legislacerativve/subjugulator trainin academy and a course vvris aint tellin me wwhat shes up to, the fickle wwench she is. kan is assumably tendin to the mothergrub already... and knowwing that theres less than a swweep left before i actually havve to start wworryin about that thing is terreefyin.

im not too concerned, howwever. fef has alwways said that she cant wwait until she gets her turn as empress and gets to do things her wway. once she realizes that im wworkin towwards that same goal a hers she'll realize wwho's wworth her wwares. im goin to expand the boundaries a Alternia across time and space and givve her room to do anyfin and evveryfin shes evver wwanted. its only a matter a time, and fef knowws i keep my wword. maybe then shell sea things strait and realize shes flushed for me too.

of course i cant do this alone. ivve been doin my research on all the major vvictories claimed by the fleet this far and noww i knoww the tricks a the trade. right beloww tactical knowwledge and military prowwess, the most important - and most ovverlooked- facets to a captains success is obtainin the the right equipment and havvin complete command a the vvessel.

and i knoww just the repugnant bileblood for the job


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