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Name:Eridan Ampora
Birthdate:Feb 12
Your name is Eridan Ampora and you are not a WHINY BABY WIGGLER anymore. At least that's what you've been telling yourself ever since your moirail left you to your own devices nearly three sweeps ago. Consequently, you've been growing more FOCUSED and NIHILISTIC by the day. You still have a GENOCIDAL THOUGHTS once in a while, but now you're aware of the PRACTICAL UTILIZATION of Landwellers in a TACTICAL sense. As you've aged, you've been steadily collecting and mastering the plans that you believe will begin the process of RESTORING YOUR HONOR and reclaiming what you believe to be RIGHTFULLY YOURS.

You take a look at your plan:

1.) Join Imperial Fleet.
2.) Impress Superiors with your New Research and Updated Protocol.
3.) Become Commander and Implement New Strategies against Enemy Forces.
4.) Usher in a New Era for Alternia.
5.) Fill Quadrants.

You were never one to be simple. What could have been accomplished with a couple honest conversations here and there has now become an INTRICATE and OVERLY DRAMATIC SCREENPLAY most likely headed for COMPLETE DISASTER. But you don't care. To you this was the way it was meant to be and no one can tell you otherwise. While you believe fate to be a SILLY concept with no bearing whatsoever, you also believe things happen for a reason. You're certain that you were meant for GREATNESS and you can't wait for everyone to see how wrong they were about you.

You still have a soft spot for wizards and history, but a lot of those storybooks and trinkets have been replaced by more GROWN UP things. For instance, your room is stockpiled with MORE ADVANCED WEAPONRY and MAPS OF ALL THE GALAXIES you plan to conquer for HER IMPERIAL CONDESCENSION and perhaps her descendant whom you're still determined to win back. Your NEW favorite books include titles such as Born This Way: An Introspective Analysis of Hemospectrum Theory, Conquering Time and Space: The Pursuit of Transdimensional Conquest, and your personal favorite - Psionics for Dummies: How to Properly Train your Goldblood and Get Your Ship Zooming!

You have kept your old trolltag, caligulasAquarium, and you still speak wwith this vvainglorious soundin vvoice.

Prince of Hope, what's first on your to-do list?

Interests (64):

500 days of summer, andreww bird, annihilating, aphex twin, arcade fire, being a glubbin bamf, big lebowwski, buffy the rainbowwdrinker slayer, chocolat, coldplay, conquering, cruel intentions, david lynch, davvid bowwie, davvid lynch, death cab for cutie, desperate hivveluscii, devvo, donny darko, dueling, fantastic mr fox, fear and loathing in las vvegas, flarping, fleeting foxes, franz ferdinand, game of thrones, garden state, ghost wworld, gone wwith the wwind, harpooning, harry potter, juno, lord of the rings, love actually, macking it, modest mouse, monologging, moonrise kingdom, moulin rouge, neutral milk hotel, nick and norah's infinite playlist, not magic, out of africa, palindromes, patrick wwolf, placebo, pomplasmoose, portishead, pretty wwoman, requiem for a dream, royal tennanbaums, say anything, science, the black keys, the decembrists, the english patient, the great gatsby, the notebook, the strokes, titanic, twwilight, venetian snares, welcome to the dollhouse, wwuthering heights
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