May. 12th, 2014

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princess human
my friend kan isnt pickin up and fefs annoyed at me
i need some input
and youre a good listener
hahah sure dude what's up
i think this game is messin wwith my moirail
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 lowwaa is in ruins and im exhausted. at first i wwas just lookin, as i havve been -nonstop- since i fleww out a your hivve, for anythin. any loophole or construct out a the norm that could point me in the direction to the answer to all this. after a wwhile though, i just started blowwin shit up and it felt so good and i couldnt stop. i dont knoww wwho you told, and for your sake i dont wwant to go around to any of our teammates sayin shit that they shouldnt knoww. its been hard though, i had to resort to talkin to the princess human about it. i bounced off an idea i had, about the game bein the thing that started it. i think the game pulled some sort a time shit and sometime after you were hatched and crabdad picked you up... your blood turned that color. him bein the rogue a time and all, i thought hed havve some vvaluable input. he did, he agreed that it wwas a plausible idea. but then he said that regardless you wwere still, you know. a mutantblood.

i asked him wwhen it wwoulda happened, and he said that even if it wwas triggered in the game that you still wwoulda had that color as a wwriggler. so its no wwonder you think you wwere hatched wwith it - but that doesnt make you a traditional mutantblood, does it? wwhat the fuck is a traditional mutantblood anyway. ivve nevver heard of a real one. remember wwhen wwe glubbed about it? wwhen you said it wwas all rumors? wwere you basin all that on yourself? wwhy didnt you just say it there? wwe coulda entered the game wwith the mindset a stoppin it! noww its too late. he said you cant mess time shit up like that once its done. so noww youre stuck wwith that color and cod knowws wwhat illnesses and other shits associated wwith it. 

and on top of it all, i can't believve you told evveryone i dumped you. or you at least told sol. wwhy are you spreadin these lies noww? apparently youvve been spreadin all sorts a lies. i dont evven knoww wwhat to believve in anymore. one things for sure is that this game is one sadistic platform - and im done wwith it. howw does one "quit" anywway? its taken evveryfin from me: my home, my title, my birthright, my status, and noww my destined palemate. it needs to be stopped, but howw? theres got to be somefin that triggers its collapse, and i aint stoppin until i find it and destroy it. maybe then itll revverse it and you wwont havve that blood mutation anymore. maybe then you wwouldnt a lied to me for all these swweeps and betrayed me in the end. it changed you. this game fuckin changed you and i dont knoww wwho you are anymore. 

so ill evveryone a favvor and erase this already doomed timeline. speed up the fuckin process since theres no hope left anywway. wwhats the point a winnin and goin into a neww univverse if this glitched nightmare vversion a you is wwhats comin along wwith it? at least this wway no one else has to knoww about wwhat happened to you.

theyll all be dead and better off. this game is obviously settin a course for our inevvitable demise, but i wwont let it havve the satisfaction.

i miss you kar. i miss you so bad i cant breathe right at night. i cant sleep through the pain, the anger and the sobs. no amount a sopor wworks. i try to close my eyes and place myself back on one of our many piles, and wwhile it givves me maybe a minute or twwo of solace it doesnt last long. i end up reachin out for you and you aint there. the only thing that registers is the image a that blood and the fuckin spot on your eye and i retch. 

youre gone. im wwritin to a fuckin ghost. but wwell all be ghosts soon. will i rejoin you then?


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