May. 10th, 2014

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-- caligulasAquarium [CA] has started trolling carcinoGeneticist [CG] --

CA: i wwish vvris’ ancestor wwrote more
CA: she mentioned other trolls
CA: sometimes i wwonder if theyre any of our ancestors since wwere all hatefriends and all
CA: like theres a slavve that caused the breakup of mindfang and dualscars kismesitude
CA: i alwways wwondered who that wwas
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 tonight marks the first night a my search for the answer to our new problem. solvvin the mystery a the blood aspect is more difficult than i originally had hoped. the consorts on lopah speak in riddles and im not in the mood for puzzles. doesnt look like i havve much of a choice though. and wwith a busted husktop its evven worse. i havve my glasses still, but my trollian accounts been disabled by sol. ivve been havvin to sign on fefs and shes not too happy about it. i cant tell evven tell her wwhy sols mad at me. fuck i dont evven knoww. 

wwhy did you havve to tell him? i mean fuck kar did you tell him before you told me? does ter knoww you havve a blood disease too? is she /okay/ wwith that? im assumin she is, but thats crazy. hasnt she heard the rumors a wwhat that can do to a troll? i mean i only heard about blood diseases in terms a mutants but, clearly thats not the situation here, kar. i understand wwhy you'd think that, since i cant imagine wwhat it wwas like wwakin up one day wwith your eyes and blood like that, it must a throwwn you for a loop. you said you wwere hatched wwith it, but kar you evven said yourself mutants are culled as soon as theyre spotted. youre tryin to put logic to this and it aint a logical situation. the game aint logical, and it sucks but its wwhat wwe havve to deal wwith. 

you shouldnt a told them youre a mutant. if wword like that gets out, the others might start gettin ideas and wwhile i can fend off a bunch a them and i knoww you can too, its not ideal. i knoww you wwouldnt wwant to cull our teammates. evven in self defense. wwhy cant you just be patient and let me figure this out? if you wwere a mutant your wwouldnt havve had a lusus. there aint mutant luscii. if you wwere a mutant, youd be sickly and abnormal. you wouldnt havve made it this far. the game must a did some wweird time bullshit. cant you see im tryin to piece this together? i dont understand wwhy youre mad at me.

okay so i shouldnt a freaked out the wway i did, but can you blame me? i keep checkin my blood evveryday, seein if its happened to me too. so far its lookin good, maybe youre not contagious. but still, you glubbin to sol and then sayin i dumped you wwhen ivve dropped evveryfin to help you? that hurts kar. i mean you mean evveryfin to me and clearly they dont evven givve a shit about your health. and yet youre ovver there wwith them... and theyre callin you a mutant and callin me a castcist. howw nonsensical is that shit, are you evven listenin to them? you knoww i havve your best interests at heart. stop this shit and help me here.

tonight ill be sleepin alone, and it only seems like yesterday since wwe last piled. i already miss your hands, your shooshes, your warmth. im distancin myself from you for a reason, but id rather not go into it. please hold out for me - and for the lovve a cod stop spreadin this shit about yourself and ruinin all my hard wwork here.

its pissin me off.

pale for you 

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