Feb. 20th, 2014

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"So wwhen wwe message him that wwe're here, I'll be back a good couple feet. If he swwings, it probably wwon't catch you and I'll be far enough awway that my face wwill be spared." Eridan spieled off, stepping onto the familiar landing of Eq's grand staircase to the front of his hivve. "I'm prepared to look a little swwollen after the surgery, but I can't deal wwith another black eye again. I just can't, Kar." 


Equius finished layering the eye with a water resistant coating, hearing voices outside. The oppressive silence of his land made it easy to detect the arrival of guests. He waved his hand to Arthour, sending him out to greet them.



"Because I know when I'm about to operate to install a delicate piece of machinery and attach it to even more delicate nerves, my first fucking inclination is to pound the shit out of the area like a Cullinarist beating grubs into pâté," Karkat rolled his eyes, stopping as the door opened to Equius' lusus.  He blinked. "Hey. We're here to see tall blue and smelly."


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