Jan. 27th, 2014

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There were about a dozen or so possibilities swarming Eridans mind about what Sollux could have possibly said or done to send Karkat off into such hysterics, and each one of those possibilities enraged him more than the next. The only other time Eridan ever sensed Karkat feeling this upset was the day the same fucker in question died. Eridan booked it over to Karkat's hive then too, but this time LOBAF was practically a barren wasteland with most of the monsters completely annihilated. It took no time at all for Eridan to find his way to his moirail's hive, even with his missing eye. He still had a lot to work on as far as depth perception and his peripheral vision was concerned, but he still bolted up Karkat's stairs with the same grace and urgency as before.

Nearing the corner where Karkat's respiteblock was located, Eridan adjusted his new monicle and tighted his updated gray and violet scarf before opening the door and callin out, "wwhat in troll sam hills goin on kar"


Karkat, however, wasn't in his respiteblock, although the desk chair on the ground near his husktop suggested a hasty retreat. After a couple seconds, the door to the ablutionblock across the hall opened, and the shorter troll emerged, face a little puffy but freshly scrubbed, striding over three steps to jab a finger into Eridan's shoulder. "What the fuck is wrong with you, have you ever heard of *knocking*?! You're lucky I sent that last message, what if I'd thought you were a fucking imp and culled you by accident?? This is basic wriggler grade manners, assmunch, they apply to everyone, even completely douchy fishprinces with ugly half-glasses!!"


Eridan whipped around, peering down at Karkat with his one good eye and immediately noticed the 'freshly-crying' swollenness of the other trolls face. He gave a weak smile though, attempting to inject some humor in an otherwise bleak looking situation as he took Kar's hand and led him into his own respiteblock. "You gavve me shit the first time I knocked, I thought I'd spice things up a bit .”

Try as he might though, Eridan couldn't shake the feeling that something about this particular fight was seriously awry. "Why don't you start from the beginnin, Kar."

“also its a monicle. dont hate."

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